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"See Playboy's Magazine, Feb. , 2008 , page 52. Thank you Hef, for featuring my print in the advertisement for "Your Favorite Centerfold Prints".



"For my Fans and Friends" April 9th, 2006 on E channel TV, see "Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Empire" I will be featured along with other chosen Playmates.



This writer first met Dolores in September ’97, at an autograph place
That was when she and I, first met Hugh Hefner, face to face!
She told me of her “ Radiant Beauty” chromolithograph pose
No one has more signed copies, than me; I suppose!

In bright-colored fashions and dressed to the nines
As the “ Most Vintage Playmate”-she is rightly so enshrined!
Her ideal man knows how to treat a lady and in all ways;  be mature
Dolores will wow him with her dancing and scent of Allure!

A friend to many Playmate sisters, Devin is throwing this birthday celebration
Dolores absolutely loves parties and craves your participation.
In the movies of Hollywood, she wants you to partake
Her birthday would be perfect if---- George Clooney jumps out of her cake!

March 14, 2006
Larry Armstrong


Debra Jensen, Jan. 1978 Playmate and I at the recent "City of Hope Gala affair on Nov. 13, 2004. The event raised over 1 million dollars!!!  "Thank you Debra for letting me be a small part of it".



appearing in (March 2004) issue of Playboy under Playmate News!


    "Glamourcon 33 - Los Angeles - Nov. 15-16th"

Glad to see so many of my fans and friends. 

The biggest highlight for me was signing four March 1954 Playboys magazines with my centerfold. Thank you Shawn Forsberg!

This was especially gratifying to me to be celebrating, along with Hugh Hefner's 50th year as well as my 50th centerfold (March 1954).

I always look forward to that kiss from Hef as he came by my table on Nov. 15th.

Thanks again for stopping by my table.

  March Issue


Dolore's Pic. taken aboard Columbia Space Shuttle, 3/02 "Imagine How Amazed I Was!"

Not being able to attend the launch of Columbia's Space Shuttle in March 2002 that I was invited to by Astronaut Rick Linnehan. He carried a mini-sized picture of me alongside my centerfold into space. The most advanced optical camera ever launched was installed...the mission was a success. I am thrilled to own this photo which was given to me by Rick Linnehan. 

I regard it as a Prized Possessions. Thank you Rick!








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